What we do

Our goal is to protect as many Canadians as possible. To accomplish this, we need to make it easy for enough people to get vaccinated. So, we've built something to help.

Our vaccine locator makes it easy for anyone in Canada to find and book any vaccine. We built a unified vaccine locator that shows vaccine availability at all points of delivery. You can now get your flu shot and other vaccinations without needing to search multiple disconnected websites and systems.

MyVaccines.ca is a simple map with vaccine inventory info and seamless online appointment booking that makes finding your next vaccination effortless.


Current initiatives

With a mission to empower all stakeholders of the healthcare system, EMPOWER health focuses on delivering digital health tools that help patients navigate the Canadian healthcare system and access healthcare services in a timely, equitable, and efficient manner.

EMPOWER health's digital health solutions include national directories of healthcare providers, online appointment booking that integrates with clinical workflows and clinical software, and wait-times services.

Immunize Canada brings over 25 years of expertise to the MyFluShot.ca platform.

Its mandate is to contribute to the control, elimination and eradication of vaccine preventable diseases through public and professional education, awareness building and promotion grounded in evidence and the recommended uses of vaccines by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI).